Succulent Aloe Vera Plant in 3.5 In. Pot (Single Plant or Multiple)

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Aloe Vera are succulents known for both their beauty and health benefits. They’re drought resistant and highly survivable plants due to being part of the succulent family. Minor cuts, rashes, and even sun burns are treatable by the gel from these plants. There are various methods to extract the gel, most of these include removing a mature leaf, slicing down length wise, and then squeezing/scooping the gel out. Given access to plentiful sunlight and watering when needed, this succulent will flourish. Grown and shipped from our local farms, we promise to deliver fresh and beautiful Aloe Vera you'll want to show off. Available in a pack of 3 plants.

  •  Aloe Vera comes in a 3.5 in. pot
  •  This plant flourishes in partial and full sun, only needing water when the soil becomes dry
  •  It prefers hardiness zones 9-12 (20°F to 60°F) but zones 5-8 (minus 20°F) are also possible with enough sunlight or if kept indoors (full sun or heat lamp needed)
  •  Aloe Vera could be kept in kitchen with adequate sunlight as a self-growing first-aid kit
  •  Hand-picked and delivered straight from our farms to you
  • Low maintenance and easy to care plant

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