Livingstone Daisy Plant Red Flowers in 11 In. Hanging Basket (2-Plants)

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Our Livingstone Daisy offers a red pop of flower color that sits among succulent green leaves with white edging and loves a hot, sunny garden location. A wonderful trailing filler for a hanging basket or container. Grown year-round in frost-free climates, treat it as an annual elsewhere. Available in a pack of 2 plants.

  •  Customers love the Livingstone daisy for its habit of carpeting a patch of ground with bright-colored blooms
  •  This plant will draw butterflies to a garden and brighten up a dull spot. It also does well in a rock garden or scattered along a walkway among paving bricks or stones
  •  Livingstone daisy is drought-tolerant and performs best in a spot with good drainage
  •  As a mature plant, it will protect itself from nighttime moisture in the air and also in overcast weather, by its habit of opening only in full sun
  •  Este Jardin will source the best plant for your order from our farms

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