Japanese Fern in 1 Gal. Grower's Pot (4-Plants)

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Este Jardin proudly grow these ferns to leave an instant positive impact on any home, office, porch, etc. This lush plant offers deep green fronds that arch beautifully. The native habitats of ferns are the humid forests and swamps of warm climates, and with the right care, you can grow this exotic beauty nearly anywhere in your home. These beauties fill up space like no other houseplant, a favorite in elegant homes for hundreds of years. Indoors, these leafy plants fill dark corners with lush foliage. Outdoors, they're the classic front porch plant, signaling the beginning of summer in most neighborhoods. They thrive in shaded or partially shaded locations. Please note that ferns don’t like direct sunlight. Available in a pack of 4 plants.

  • They make a great standalone accent plant or work well used as ground-cover in landscape projects.
  •  Beautiful and lush, the arching fronds of our ferns create instant living decor for your home or office.
  • Air-purifying, this plant refreshes the air in your home or office and reduces harmful pollutants.
  •  This plant is also an ideal housewarming or birthday gift.
  •  Handpicked and shipped directly to you from our farms.

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