Euphorbia 'Trigona Rubra' (Royal Red Cathedral) Cactus Plant in 4.7 in. Pot

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Euphorbia trigona is a an easy care succulent that originates from West Africa. It makes a fascinating architectural addition to room designs, with it's upright stems and ridges of short-lived leaves and thorns. Also known as the African milk tree because of the milky sap contained in the stems it makes an urban style statement but is best avoided around children and pets.

  • Outdoors, these big succulents look like trees. They can grow as high as nine feet (2.7 m), in a characteristic “candelabra” shape that gives them the appearance of a sapling.
  • The Trigona is a distinctive plant due to its leaves that grow along the edges of the upright stems. The thorns grow in sets of two, and single leaves emerge from their center.
  • The plant may bloom, producing small white or yellow flowers, when it grows outdoors.
  • The Euphorbia Trigona can essentially be treated as a cactus and is a large, branching specimen that is a perfect statement plant for any home.

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