Creeping Jenny Lysimachia Plant in 4.5 In. Pot (Single Plant or Multiple)

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Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia) is a vigorous, prostrate, evergreen perennial growing to approximant (4 in.) in height and spreading rapidly and indefinitely by stem-rooting. It has rounded leaves and cup-shaped yellow flowers, in summer. It is particularly associated with damp or even wet areas, though in cultivation it will tolerate drier conditions. It is cold hardy, surviving lows of minus 40°F.
  • Creeping Jenny puts out long stems that form roots where leaf nodes touch the ground, it grows less than 6 in. tall but can spread indefinitely, forming a thick, leafy mat and crowding out or engulfing other plants
  • Leaves are rounded, resembling coins, which gives the plant 1 of its common names, moneywort, from late spring into summer, tiny, yellow flowers appear, creeping jenny tolerates only infrequent foot traffic
  • Plant creeping Jenny in rich, well-drained soil that stays regularly moist, it does best in partial shade but will grow in full sun if kept moist, too much sun and dry conditions will cause the leaves to scorch
  • In pots, where its growth is restricted, creeping jenny makes a welcome trailing accent for flowering annuals and perennials, it often remains evergreen in protected containers, even in colder zones, and, if it loses its leaves, comes back after Winter

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