Coleus Plant in 4.5 In. Grower's Pot (Multiple Varieties) 8-Plants

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Coleus is a genus in the family Plectranthus. Coleus are cultivated as ornamental plants, popular in most gardens for its brightly colored foliage. This plant prefers bright, but indirect sunlight, in direct sunlight  the leaves colors become less bright. 
  • Talk about beautiful foliage and versatility all in 1 plant, coleus can be used in your gardens, containers, patio gardens, flower arrangements or even as a houseplant
  • Can be trailing plants or bushy mounds, the leaves can be lacy, ruffled, smooth, twisted, solid colors, have contrasting edges or a kaleidoscope of colors, big, little, round, pointed, in other words, something for everyone
  • Cold areas they're grown as an annual since they're not hardy, in warm areas they can be grown as perennials if managed well
  • Vigorous growers and leaf size ranges from 1 in. to 8 in. or more and plants can grow up to 36 in. tall, they have endless variations in color, shape and patterns and work well as a focal point or a compliment to other plants

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